Natural Medicine Approach to Heal Yourself

natural medicine approachThe following excerpt was borrowed from Sharron over at the “Compound X” site, while people do step on life’s “land mines”, I FIND A LOT OF WISDOM IN WHAT SHE SAYS.

Folk remedies are used as part of an informal body of healing knowledge in what can be called “natural medicine.” Natural medicine’s folk remedies have developed over generations of people experimenting with substances from nature and observing their effects. The natural medicine approach does not have the scientific rigor or the primary focus on the body which is favored by the conventional medical model. Natural medicine could benefit from much more scientific study of its claims, but until now funding has usually gone towards the approaches favored by the AMA.

Natural medicine wisdom, whether having arisen from native American cultures or people living simply on homesteads, shares some common assumptions about the healing process. If you find these are helpful to you, fine. If they don’t make sense to you, that’s fine too.

“Healing does not happen in a set way for all people.”

Before offering specific instructions, here are some assumptions common in many natural medicine healing traditions:

  1. Illness does not simply “happen” to a person or animal. People do not automatically get sick because they were exposed to microbes or external factors. Illness begins in our thoughts, feelings and attitudes and then shows up in the body.

  1. Using a natural medicine approach to heal yourself is most suited for people who want to take responsibility for how they became out of balance and for how they will get well. Taking responsibility does not mean judging or condemning oneself. It means resolving to face, own and erase the causes of sickness.

  1. People are more than our bodies, and animals too.

  1. When the body is stressed over a period of time by our attitudes and actions, the body loses its “ease” and becomes “dis-eased.”

  1. Our actions, how we treat ourselves and others, come from our attitudes and thoughts. These are the source of what occurs in the physical body.

  1. We know about some of our attitudes. Others we developed so early or have held so long, that we’ve “forgotten” that we gradually have let those attitudes automatically run our lives. Many people with cancer, for example, have discovered inner attitudes of long-held guilt, or living for others. Some have discovered that releasing these attitudes and the habits that come from these attitudes played a large part in their healing themselves and staying well.

  1. Another assumption: When healing occurs, regardless of whose help we received or what medicines we took, it is actually we who heal ourselves as part of our spiritual maturing process. When we understand that dis-ease is information telling us that something we’ve been thinking, feeling and doing isn’t working to make us well and happy, we have a choice: To deny this or to face what we’ve created, own the wisdom we’ve gained from the pain we’ve caused ourselves, and then release the details to the no longer existing past. As this occurs within us, our body releases past disease and becomes vital in the present.

  1. Natural Medicine ApproachMany attitudes cause many different diseases, and no “rule” applies to everyone. You may be interested in reading the book Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay, to stimulate your process of taking stock of how your attitudes have produced specific ailments. Or perhaps you’d like to read Love, Medicine and Miracles by Bernie Segal, M.D. No book is suggested as having a totally applicable truth for your situation, but rather to serve as a provoker of your inner research.

These assumptions above are not the way people tend to think in our society. As you may know more common are the assumptions that, people are victims to circumstances outside of ourselves and that in physical illness we must look outside of ourselves for rescue by experts. Then after the inconvenience of being ill, we can hurry back to the way things were.

The natural medicine approach to healing is not offered here as the “right” one in contrast to a more common, but “wrong” attitude about disease. This document is not about right and wrong, but about making conscious choices.