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Keep your lymphs healthy, keep your body healthy


The lymphatic system is essential for life

While most people are aware that the circulatory system is an essential for life, few realize that the lymphatic system is equally essential. While our blood carries oxygen and nutrients across the body, the lymph system serves to help carry out waste, toxins and fluid. It works in unison with the circulatory system. As blood travels, it causes the release of interstitial fluid. This fluid provides nutrients and oxygen.

Lymphatic system filters waste, toxins and fluid

Cells, in turn, release their waste products into the interstitial fluid. Particles that are too large to be reabsorbed by the body are then picked up by the lymphatic system and carried to the lymph nodes, where it can be filtered. This process is critical to human health. Without a waste removal system, we’d all be filled with toxins and other undesirables that would make us sick. Not to mention, a large build-up of waste would lead to increased cell death. The accumulation of toxins and fluids in both cells and tissues would lead to painful inflammation and increase cancer risks, as well.

The lymphatic system runs parallel to the circulation system, and there are several lymph nodes — sites of filtration — found around the body. Your tonsils, spleen and adenoids are lymph nodes. Lymphocytes, or white blood cells, are also a primary asset of the lymphatic system. Lymphocytes help to clear away toxins before the lymphatic fluid enters the bloodstream.

Boost the function of your lymphatic system

Did you know that sitting all day can decrease the flow of your lymphatic system by 94%? The best way to improve circulation in your lymphatic system and keep everything on the move is by increasing your activity level with a more active lifestyle.

Other ways to help boost the function of your lymphatic system include:

  • Drinking plenty of fresh, clean water, which is essential to proper circulation for both your blood and your lymphatic fluid.
  • Switching to a a nutrient and antioxidant-rich plant-based diet.
  • Include superfood supplements (citrus fruits, berries and greens; chia, hemp and flax seeds; seaweed and algae products) in your diet which help increase your antioxidant intake and bolster your body’s natural cleansing capacity.  Just a few servings a day of these foods can help your lymph system to function at its best.