Cellular Health: The Biominix Difference

The NDM Cream, the first in a line of products promoting cellular health available through Biominix, contains a breakthrough life science technology, developed and tested on the International Space Station. (To read more about this patent-pending technology, see US20120171130 or WO/2009/058857.)

Biominix NDM Cream 1.7 oz JarThe Biominix Products have a patent-pending technology which makes its key ingredients much more bioavailable than otherwise possible. This process aids in the delivery of minerals directly into atypical or abnormal cells. These minerals are pharmaceutical-grade, balanced, ionic minerals which have been combined with a unique mineral complex system technology. This technology targets cells which do not follow the Krebs metabolic cycle.

The Krebs cycle is a charting of the metabolic pathways healthy plant or animal cells must follow to perform all functions supporting life.

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Following the Krebs 32 steps versus the 18 steps that abnormal cells follow saves normal healthy tissue while killing the abnormal cells. In our formulation, Ligands are formed in an exothermic reaction between a strong acid and base that form a biological complex that binds with the Zinc and Copper ions and carries the minerals to the target area. The particular structure is called a Zinc/Copper Ligand and becomes a highly efficient transport system since the ionic minerals are loosely-bound and therefore are highly bio-available.

Breakthrough Life Science Technology helps improve Cellular Health

This breakthrough life science technology is able to transport our highly available Zinc and Copper on Ligands to our target cells (any kind of abnormal cells) and kill ONLY the abnormal cells leaving the healthy cells surrounding the abnormal cells functioning without disruption.

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