Success Stories

I’m not embarrassed to show my skin anymore. Having my health back is incredible! I feel like a new person!

Stacey A.

Biominix NDM Cream

I used this cream on the skin of my right breast where I was tested positive for estrogen progesterone positive Her2 Neu negative carcinoma. I used it in August/ September 2017, and again this February 2018. I am happy to report that I experienced a gradual eruption and scabbing over of abnormal cells/tissue. I will use it again. It is empowering to be able to proactively help my body heal. Thank you.

Mary K.

Biominix NDM Cream

I have fair skin and was raised with outdoor activity and lots of sun. As a result, I suffered for the past twenty-five years with skin cancer which required thirty skin cancers removals via Excision, Curettage, Cryosurgery, Aldera Cream and Black Salve. All procedures have been invasive, painful and many left scars.

Recently I was thrilled to discover Biominix NDM Cream, as my entire chest was in desperate need of help and healing. I applied the NDM Cream two times a day and could feel it working immediately. On day twenty-eight the process was complete. The end result is a smooth, healthy looking chest.

Denise S.

Biominix NDM Cream

Having lived with a skin condition since 1985, I’m finally experiencing successful results, thanks to Biominix.

Fred D.

Biominix NDM Cream

I am so pleased with this product. CEA Level March: 5.94/CEA Level November: 3.60

Terry H.

Biominix NDM Cream

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Stacey’s Psoriasis Story

success stories

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